Who we are?

Royal Doors Established in 2005. We provide Total Door Solutions for all your residential, commercial & industrial needs.. We are committed to product excellence and dealing with all wooden building materials and mainly concentrated in Doors . Our product range is very much inclusive of quality outputs that come across the standards of the global industrial community through and through. Our all products are subject to the customer's specification and demand. In addition to creating products that are environmentally responsible, our products also have safety features that benefit you and your family.Royal Doors employees are at the heart of the company’s success. We value all of our employees. For more than a century, the strength of everyone at Royal Doors has defined the company’s position as the leader in product innovation, design, construction, performance and customer satisfaction.

Why Royal Doors ?

Choosing new doors for your home is an important and exciting decision. A door is the element in your home you interact with more than any other. Think about it, feeling the safety it provides as you go in and out of your home morning and night, gently closing it as you put your children to bed and quickly locking it as you finally get time for yourself in a bath. Your life goes through your doors and your life deserves more than just any door. It deserves Royal Doors.We want to make your door purchase as simple as possible and suggest you keep a few things in mind as you’re looking. Let’s get started. Royal Doors specializes in making custom doors to your exact specifications. We promise durable, long-lasting doors in a broad range of materials and finishes.


  • 79" * 28"
  • 79.5" * 31.5"
  • 79" * 31"
  • 80" * 32"
  • 79" * 36"
  • 79" * 38"